Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am brilliant

I was washing dishes hurriedly earlier today, and managed to cut a gash into the side of my right-handed index finger with the big bread knife. Brilliant. I had managed to get it to stop bleeding by tightly wrapping a band-aid on it and was doing ok most of the evening, until I used that hand to dig my keys out of my bag and hit it against something and now it's throbbing again. =(

This has been a very social week. We had dinner with Bob and Aruna on Tuesday, and last night we met up with Cathy, Sophia and Tyler for dinner in the old town, then tonight one of the moms from the women's club threw a cocktail party that we just got back from. They've been great evenings and it's nice to get to hang out with people more. But it can be a bit exhausting (esp when you get home at 1am). Tomorrow night I think we'll stay in and just hang out together, especially since Zach will be leaving for a week on Saturday.

When we came home tonight after the party I noticed 2 little snowmen ornaments on the floor. I'll give you one guess as to who the furry, four-legged culprit might be. One of my little red Christmas ball ornaments already broke the other day. So all the other red ball ornaments are now hung up higher on the tree, and the rest of the ornaments are not breakable. I can't really get mad at Sierra, honestly, I've caught her reaching up to play with the ornaments and find it pretty adorable. I wonder if I'll let Loki get away with stuff like this... ; )


  1. Dude, watch it. You can't go around cutting your fingers off and stuff. Can we trust you with a child?

    Tsk, tsk...

  2. CatScat. We got it at Conrad's ( It's an ultrasonic cat training device.

    We aimed it at the Christmas tree and they won't go anywhere near it. Just discovered it and plan to buy more to train them in the kitchen and around the computer cords!



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