Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Even when it rains, the sun is shining/ You just have to rise above the clouds..."*

One of the warnings we heard about Swiss/Geneva winters was about the fog that descends upon the land in these winter months, leaving everything looking dark and gloomy. The thing about this fog is it's very low-lying, and you only need to drive up a little ways into the mountains to get above it and into glorious sunlight.

The past week or so we've been covered in pretty dense fog. Today, we decided to rise above it.

This is basically what it looked like as we began driving up into the Jura mountains:

snowday (109)
(yes, that is frost from the fog that's iced over on the trees and plants)

Then, when we got above it, the views looked a little more like this:

snowday (59)
snowday (87)

A bit of an improvement, no? ; )

We had a good time, got to play in some snow, and had some desserts and coffee at a little restaurant with a gorgeous view of Mont Blanc (see pic above). Zach was very cute and sweet, worrying about me walking on the sometimes ice-covered parking lots and streets, making me hold his hand for extra support. Here's our other pictures from today.

We then came home and made a yummy dinner of risotto, squash, and baked brie in a fluffy pastry with raspberry jam and maple syrup. My tummy is full, and even though it's just barely 8pm I am feeling quite tired (partially from waking up very early, for no good reason, the past 2 mornings). So I think I'll go to bed pretty soon here, snuggled up with one of the gossip mags Jen brought over, and then get an early start on sleep.

*a line from one of my favorite Hudsons songs.

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