Thursday, December 27, 2007

Skiing, and Yummy Swiss Food

Yesterday Jen and Zach went to Chamonix to ski for the day, while Daddy and I hung out at home... and I spent most of the day sleeping. Jen was a bit worried, I think, since she hasn't been the most successful at skiing in the past, but she seemed to have a good time. Here's a cute short video of her on skis:

Then at night we were invited over to Michelle and Gerard's for a fondue dinner. I was worried how Jen and Daddy would do, since Jen knows no French and Daddy only some (or so we thought) but he did great and really impressed me with his French, and through some translation Jen seemed to still be pretty involved in the conversation. They both loved the fondue. =) Michelle also gave us a very cute elephant stuffed animal, for Loki! They're such sweet neighbors. This was the first time we went through a whole meal with them, it's nice to know our French has improved this much.

Today it took us a while to get started with our day, but eventually we got out the door and went into Geneva to run a few errands and then had dinner at Les Brasseurs by the train station. I had expected it to be pretty standard pub food, but I was pretty impressed-- Jen's rosti dish was fabulous, and I had this pizza-like swiss dish (forget the name) that was also pretty good. And the belgian waffle we had for dessert was quite yummy. =)

In other news, I've been thinking lately of the best way to share videos online-- I used to use xanga, but have been having trouble uploading videos there lately. So now I'm trying out YouTube. I have a few recent videos uploaded there now (including the Jen skiing vid above), and may now be motivated to use the video feature on the camera a bit more, too.

PS- I remember when we first got here, and how often I heard how sub-par Swiss food was in general. Seems hard to believe now that we're fans now of classic Swiss dishes as rosti (ok, basically hash browns)and cheese fondue. ; )

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  1. photobucket is great for hosting videos, i prefer it to youtube.



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