Thursday, December 06, 2007

Beginning to look like Christmas

I've set out most of our Christmas decorations this week. Now we just need a tree! =)

Two of our stockings. Mine and Zach's are not pictured. One of these is Sierra's stocking, the other used to be Charlie's but this year's getting passed on to Loki. Hmm, that's not gonna be bad luck, is it? The santa is a tree ornament that I received as a gift last year, sitting alongside my wooden cow from Zurich. =)

I'm very excited about the star with the lights, I found it at Manor and think it's gorgeous. I wanted to buy more, but since any electric decorations I buy will most likely only be used this season and perhaps next, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on stuff that wouldn't last. The red snowman placemats were a purchase from years ago, from Target I believe, and I wish I could have them out all year long b/c I just adore them. =)

The same day that I got the star, I also went ahead and bought us our own little chocolate "marmite de l'escalade," complete with marzipan veggies inside:

Traditionally the oldest and youngest of the family will break it on Tuesday (the anniversary of the Escalade), smashing the cauldron while saying "Ainsi périssent les ennemis de la République!" (thus perish the enemies of the republic). Unfortunately we'll miss the Escalade festivities going on in Geneva on Sunday since we're going out of town this weekend, a trip we'd planned when we assumed all this stuff was going on last weekend along with the race. But, we should still be here for next year's festivities so we can check it out then.

Today I met up with the girls at Le Pain Quotidien, which has become one of my favorite coffee shops around here (so what if it's a chain?). They make a caramel cappuccino that is absolutely delicious! Today was the first time to try their food, I had a croque monsieur which was pretty good. The salads that everyone else had looked yummy as well. The waitress was kinda weird though, she took our plates after we ate and asked if any of us wanted coffee or dessert, and I grabbed the menu about to order, and she just walked off... and didn't come back for a good 15 minutes, walking past our table several times but completely ignoring my attempts to catch her eye. I finally flagged her down to order my cappuccino. Then again, I guess I should be getting used to service like this by now?

Allright, I've gotta go pack-- we leave tomorrow morning for our anniversary weekend trip, will be back sometime Monday! =)


  1. the stockings look so festive!
    have a great trip!

  2. CDNSarah1:28 AM

    I have the same star!



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