Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Got Mail!

First of all: a fabulous shout-out to CAROLYN and JOHN, who are fabulous, fabulous people. Why, you ask? B/c today I received a package from them today with bite-size chocolate goodies, METHOD WIPES!!, a very sweet card, and an AWESOME necklace and bracelet combo that Carolyn made from beads from a bracelet I asked her to restring. The resulting products are way way cooler than the original bracelet was. Yay! I think I'll wear them tomorrow. =)

I had another fabulous lunch with several of the gals from class today. We had a big group today-- usually there's 3-4 of us, but today we had I think about 8! We're also getting together tomorrow night for a big dinner, including the significant others. I'm really excited-- I'll be glad for Zach to get to meet the people I keep talking about, and for them to get to meet him, too. This French class really has been a blessing in more ways than one... everyone in it is so nice and open. Also, I'm really starting to notice my French coming along well. Today I picked up one of the free gossip newspapers that are all over the place in Geneva and I read an article about Pink getting banned from US radio and TV (crazy, huh?) and I was pleasantly surprised at how much of the article I could read and understand. And yesterday afternoon I had to go back to the place where we got our cell phones b/c I couldn't get my voice mail to work, and I was able to talk to the staff and get the problem resolved all in French. Yay me! =P

Then I got home and as I was in the middle of catching up on everyone's blogs, my internet started acting up and not loading pages properly. Which made Marcy very NOT happy. This then made Marcy wonder if she's too dependent on the internet... Perhaps. Oh well. This is my easiest connection to everyone back home... so there, that's my excuse! ; )

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