Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cell Phones! and a warning: new rugs may make your cat go crazy

I went to Ikea yesterday in the early afternoon to pick up some random things we've been needing. I'd assumed that since it was Friday around noon it wouldn't be that crowded-- this tended to be the rule at other Ikeas I've gone to, business hours are usually a lot less crowded than nights or weekend. Imagine my surprise then to see that it was MORE crowded than the previous 2 times we've gone-- on a Thursday night and a Saturday. Strange. Anyway, I picked up these super adorable little flower vases which are currently holding some of the flowers from our yard. Cute, huh? =P I'm quite proud.

The weather has been absolutely amazing the past few days. Today I wore a tank top, skirt, and flip flops. I am in heaven. It's been in the 70's, which is normally listed as the average temp for the summers here. If it continues to be like this for the next several months... that would just be awesome. Everything's blooming like crazy, which is very pretty but is also causing Zach's allergies to go absolutely nuts.

We went into town today to take care of a few things, including getting our CELL PHONES finally, b/c our permanent residence permits came in the mail this week. Woot! So we went to this one phone company that has a deal where you can designate 3 phone numbers to call for free, which is awesome b/c otherwise it's about 35-45 cents/minute (cell phone plans suck over here). Unfortunately we found out that to get this plan we'd have to each plunk down a 1,000 chf deposit (about $800, that we'd get back, with interest, when we cancel our accounts). So we wound up putting me on the plan, and Zach got a prepaid phone (that I can call for free!). This means we also have our original Swiss prepaid phone that we can now give to guests when they come to visit. I got the blue Moto krzr-- it's nice and slim, cost only 1chf with the plan, and was the only phone that I really liked. I'm curious to see how much we'll end up spending on phone calls here, as everything seems much more expensive than the US systems. Oh well. That's part of getting to live here, right? It certainly is nice knowing we now have our "permanent" numbers, and that we each have a phone that we can have with us and be reached at.

One of my other Ikea purchases was a new floor rug. Sierra went NUTS on it last night. I think she misses the softness of carpet. I think the fumes from it were also making her high-- she was sort of acting like a cat high on catnip (at one point she started chasing her tail, something she NEVER does normally). I got a short video of her battling with a string on the rug. It was pretty funny watching her get so amped up, but I was also worried about what those fumes might have done to her poor little kitty brain.

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  1. pretty ikea goods! and sweet new phone!



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