Monday, April 02, 2007

Learning to do without

I think I've found my Target substitute. Manor, the other big department store in Geneva, is actually pretty big, has all sorts of stuff (if only you can figure out where it is), and the prices are actually the most decent I've found elsewhere (which by no means makes them reasonable-- they're just the lowest I've seen for similar items). Today I found these wooden picture frames for less than half the price of the ones I got at Globus last week. Oh well. Learning experiences, right? Sure, Manor doesn't have the same feel (I don't get nearly as excited about the prospect of shopping there as I would over going to Target), and it lacks Target favorites like a nice scrap-booking section (I did find a teeny maybe 3 ft wide section with some scrap-booking material today) and cheap/cute clothing, but it's the best thing I've got and it'll have to do. I do feel the need to go find all the cute boutiques and independent shops that lurk around every corner here, but those are mainly for window shopping because, well, almost always "cute boutique" = outrageously expensive.

Zach took some of the under-baked pumpkin bread in to work today to share with his colleagues. He reports that they all gave rave reviews (just wait till I bake it right, guys!). Aaah, pumpkin bread, always a winner. I should be eternally grateful to Julia, who introduced me to this fabulous recipe to begin with-- she served it at a Thanksgiving Pot-Luck, and if I remember right Zach threatened to divorce me if I didn't learn how to make it for him ; ). I just hope I can find pumpkin puree here... I've got 1 can left from the care package. If not, I will be adding it to the List of Things Visitors Can Bring From The US in Exchange for Lodging (I'm totally serious about this list, I will be posting it soon...).

Ok, it is time to take a break from this infernal computer that somehow seems to suck up all my time. How does it even do that??


  1. Get that list up soon so I can bring my lodging exchange over now and store it until I make the hop over from London ;) Pumpkin bread is definitely one of my favorite things about fall. I made a pumpkin cake once that was amazing, except for the 3 pounds of butter I think I had to use...

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

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