Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Bloom

It appears that all the grapevines have started to sprout-- on my way to class every morning I pass several vineyards and can see teeny little green leaves and what looks like might even be tiny little grapes-to-be. I've been meaning to go out walking and take some pictures... finally got around to it today:

I even caught what appears to be 2 buggies "doing it":

Right now I'm allowing myself some computer time out in the front yard, while I water the plants a bit. It hasn't rained in a couple weeks already, and I finally noticed that the soil's looking pretty dry, and the flowers are starting to droop. Hopefully this will help. I'm trying to give the soil a nice good soaking to tide it over for a while. Sierra's exploring outside a bit, too, going after bugs and getting wigged out by the watering hose. =P Very cute.

In addition to our pretty yellow flowers, we've also got some new, smaller white ones starting to bloom:

Purdy, huh? =P

We've got a busy couple of days ahead of us... tonight we've got a big dinner with a bunch of the people from my French class. Then tomorrow I gotta head straight over to Zach's work after class so we can go take care of our Swiss driver's licenses (I hear this is supposed to be a fairly easy process... let's hope so), and then we're having Bob, Aruna, and little Jules over for an early dinner. I went food shopping already for tomorrow, and any cleaning up of the house will have to be done today as we probably will have no time tomorrow. Fortunately we only really have to clean the bottom level, which right now looks pretty decent. ; ) However, there are a bunch of dishes calling my name right now...

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