Monday, April 23, 2007

More American Loot!!!

One of Zach's coworkers from California came over for business today, and last week asked if we wanted him to bring anything over. So, we sent him a list of a few items.. and he brought them all! How sweet is he? So now I've got magazines, my favorite mascara, hair stuff (I loved this stuff when I had short hair last time), Zach has some allergy meds to combat the endless fields of pollenating flowers all around us, and two HUGE cans of pumpkin puree, so I can make plenty of pumpkin bread for him (well, as soon as we get back from Chile).

I am so happy right now. I've been missing my gossip mags... The mere $2-$4 splurge is much harder to justify here, where the same magazine can cost $6-$12!!! It's already past bedtime, so I think I'll have to save these for my bus ride tomorrow morning. I'm also super-excited to have my mascara and hair stuff in time for our trip. Woot!


  1. Alright, could you possibly be more exciting? Chili, Switzerland! And to top it all off...PUMPKIN BREAD?!?

    Sheesh...I feel so boring! I also feel like pumkin bread, but let's just chalk that up to pregnancy.

  2. So jealous! The top things on my list right now from the States are Arriba Chipotle salsa from Texas (grocery store brand but it's my fave) and real Tums (I'm pregnant, it's the heartburn!) BTW, what part of Texas are you from? I'm from H-town originally.



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