Monday, April 23, 2007


You know something I've noticed about the Swiss? They love their wheels. I don't mean cars... I mean rollerskates and rollerblades. In the states if you see someone rolling down the street in roller blades (or even, god forbid, old-fashioned roller skates), you're bound to feel like you've just experienced a blast from the past. Sure, if you're at the roller skating rink, out for a night retro fun, it's cool. But on the streets, as a legitimate mode of transportation? Very very rare indeed.

But I see it here ALL THE TIME. Zach and I have witnessed families of 4 all cruising by on roller skates or blades-- mom rolling along with the stoller, dad carrying a toddler on his shoulders. All speeding by on wheels. I've seen dads and sons in matching skates out on the town. I even see people board the bus while wearing roller skates, which just makes me plain nervous.

Makes me wonder... do they just wear the skates/blades even at their destination? They're not always holding any sort of backpack that might have an extra change of shoes inside... I guess I'm just a bit mystified by it all. I guess it makes sense, in a way. However I'm not sure I'm ready to pick up a pair of my own quite yet.

Another oddity Zach and I saw, a week ago on a sunny afternoon down by the banks of the lake? A hairy, middle-aged man, walking around in swim trunks, black socks (pulled up to mid-calf), and brown loafers. Yeah. Gotta love Europe.

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  1. Oh just wait until swimming season and let me know if speedos are still in fashion. It was odd because some people were topless and some were in speedos, and for a 13 yr old from Texas it was quite an experience.



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