Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am so sad

I got an email from my mom this morning that held some awful news. There's a girl I know from church, whom I used to baby-sit a lot when I was younger, she's now 18, about to graduate from high school... and she's currently undergoing tests to see if she has Multiple Sclerosis. I know the diagnosis isn't 100% for sure yet, but they're also going to start her on medication to fight it, I think, which means they must be pretty sure... They've done an MRI and spinal tap that both indicate MS.

She, and her whole family, really, are such amazing people-- so sweet, so happy. Whenever I'd be back in Texas and see them at church, they'd always be so happy to see me, want to know what we were up to. It seems so unfair that something like this could happen to them, especially since she's so incredibly young still. She has her whole life ahead of her... and now this.

I don't know what kinds of treatments there are out there for MS, or what her specific options or outlook might be... it might be a while before they really figure anything else out. But fucking hell.... Every time I think of it my eyes well up with tears. These are the sorts of people that are supposed to live long, happy, uncomplicated lives. This sort of stuff isn't supposed to happen to them.

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  1. So sorry to hear about that. I have a friend (of a friend) who is also awaiting MS tests right now and my friend is desperately awaiting the results (Monday). Here's wishing them both the best possible outcome!



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