Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chilean Greetings

So we´re here, and >I´m typing from a Chilean keyboard so I+ll probably have a ton of mistakes. Such is life.

Our flight went well, we arrived in Santiago at 7:30am, went to our hotel and had breakfast with Daddy there. The hotel is in a building that´s kinda old and run down, but clean and the staff is very nice, and the location is awesome, we´re right in the center of town. Daddy warned us that "you know, we´re inbetween 'the jungle' and civilization here..."

We´ve spént that past 2 days mostl walking arouns Santiago, getting a feel for different areas. I´m not recognizing a whole lot yet, as many of the areas we´v gone to (like downtown) were not ones I frequented much as a 10 yr old kid. But some things, like the architecture, the look and feel of houses in some small neighborhoods, etc, feels very familiar. It´s intresting being hre, and feeling like a tourist and a native at the same time.

Zach´s having a hard time with the language... but being vry good about it all. This afternoon we found a book fair and I bought some Spanish children´s books, and also a Papelucho book (simple, geared probably to older elementary kids so nice and easy to read) so we can practice reading it a bit together.

We´re starting to plan oput when we´ll go where, I think this weekend we´ll try Viña and Zapallar, and then sometime in the next 2 weeks try to go to Buenos Aires, and Puerto Varas as well for a few days each. We´ll see.

Last night we were watching some Spanish tv and found one show with a ditzy sister and brother, and Zach commented that it reminded him of Married, With Children. After another minute or 2 we realized that´s exactly what it was-- a spanish version of Married, With Children. The charatcers and set were all identical, expect in Spanish. It was quite amusing.

Um.. don{t know what else to report for now... Zach got to try empanadas for the first time at lunch today. =) It´s cute, too, how as we walk around town Daddy´s come across a few friends here and there. I guess when you spend your ntire life in a city where people don´t often move away you get to make lots of friends. ;)

Allrightm, I better be off... will try to update again in a couple days.


  1. glad to hear you all arrived safely! have a great trip!

  2. ditto that - Give your dad a hug from me and Ryan too!

  3. awesome!

    married with children is the only thing that keeps the world from mass insanity.

    have a great time. :)

  4. hey hey

    Hope things go great in Chile. Tell Z to say "tu madre attende la universidad" to someone for me.

    Miss you guys.

  5. Whoohooo! Hope you are having a terrific trip!

    Omigawsh... check out this article on Switzerland & guns! Makes you wonder...

    Safe traveling back to your home away from home!



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