Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This session of my French class ends on Thursdsay. There's another session that starts in another week, but not everyone is going to continue, and so over the past couple days it seems we're all getting in a scramble to get each other's contact info so we can hang out, as I think we're all needing some local friends. =P I've gotten several phone numbers and some email addresses. I'll have to start making calls and plans to get together for dinners, and possibly even try to host people over here.

This afternoon a few of us went to Carouge, an older part of town that's supposed to be very chic and hip. We actually came close to living there-- the apartment that was our 2nd choice was in Carouge. The buildings and streets are all adorable, and down some of the "main" streets there's boutique after boutique selling everything from clothes to kitchenware. I do admit, it certainly would have been awesome to live there, with all the cafes we could go to for breakfast on weekends, and there's a big farmer's market on Sundays. But I'm still very happy with our decision to live in our current house-- it's bigger, much brighter, and I feel like we get to benefit both from the countryside and the "city life."

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch where all 4 of us had the Plat du Jour (plate of the day, usually cheaper than the rest of the menu) which was a pan-seared fish (don't know what kind, though perhaps tuna?) with rice and this yummy sauce-- it was fabulous, seriously. We walked around a ton, then met up with another gal from class for an afternoon coffee. It's fun getting to know everyone, and I'm also proud that we spoke in French nearly the entire afternoon. =)

Tonight we're going to an ex-pat dinner for Zach's work. I'm still not sure what I'm gonna wear... I think we're going to kind of a nice place.

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