Friday, April 20, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

I miss knowing exactly where to go to buy what. I miss having ample closet space. I miss going to Target, always in a car so I didn't have to worry about how much stuff I bought and lugging big bags home on the bus. I miss meeting up with the Fostinos and others at the farmer's market, and going to the coffee shop afterwards. I miss the public library. I miss going to Border's or B&N and reading the gossip mags while sipping something yummy from Starbucks. I miss the kids at school and their silly antics. I miss being able to simply call up friends at the last minute and make dinner plans. I miss not having to think about the time when calling friends and family, and whether or not we have a calling card with enough time on it left. I miss the quick, 3-hr plane ride home to Texas.

All the above aside, though... I absolutely adore it here. I was just thinking to myself, as I walked through a semi-crowded open square on this warm, sunny day, "I can't believe that I live in Switzerland." Life here is so different from back home, which of course means there will be lots of things we will both miss. But we're also figuring out our new routines, our new favorite places and things to do. We're making this our new home.

I sometimes get these odd waves of homesickness, like when I feel the urge to buy that $10 Glamour magazine just so I can read something familiar, that's in English (btw I recently signed up for a subscription, which at $45 is way more expensive than back home, but way cheaper than buying issues here!). I'm really looking forward to having visitors here, getting to see them and also show them around town.

I love feeling a bit more settled, figuring out some of the social customs. I love giving the 3-kiss good-bye. I love feeling like I'm making connections with people, looking at a new friend and thinking "I could see us being really good friends." There's a part of me that feels sad that we're leaving now for 3 weeks, and that I'll be away from these people that I'm suddenly spending so much time with (but I love that I'll be able to fit right back in when I get back, and work on cultivating these new friendships over the summer). I love all the exciting destinations and adventures that are now at our fingertips. I love knowing that I'm making progress with my French. I love being able to walk 10 minutes from our front door and see horses, sheep, vineyards, and all sorts of gorgeous flowers everywhere.

I feel so lucky, so blessed. Life is just so good right now.

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  1. It's always a change when you move away from the familiar. I admire that you and Zach have packed up and moved away twice now. It makes me think that it won't be so bad to leave Texas one day myself. So far, I'm only brave enough to go to San Antonio :)



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