Sunday, April 01, 2007

failed attempts

Zach and I spent some time today organizing the house. I tried putting away some more of my clothes. We technically have closet space in the hallway and guest bedroom, but I'm trying my best to keep most of my clothes in the big dresser we got from Ikea. Unfortunately, they're not quite fitting. I purged a LOT of my clothes in preparation for this move, but I'm finding myself going through the process yet again. It's funny how much easier it is to realize that you don't really want/need/like that top/pants/sweater after all, when you have no place to put it. On the other hand, this is an excellent deterrent against shopping for new clothes. How can I buy more clothing if I don't even have enough storage for the stuff I already own?

I tried baking pumpkin bread this afternoon, too. I'd promised Zach I would make him some, as pumpkin bread seems to be one if his high loves in life, alongside me and the mountains. I had all the ingredients (expect for nutmeg, b/c when we shopped for it at the store I realized I had no clue what its French name was). No biggie. So I mixed it all up, figured out which of the 103 oven settings I needed for baking the pumpkin bread, and stuck it in using the oven timer to remind me to check it in 30 minutes.

The timer goes off, and I check on the bread-- not done yet-- so I give it another 15 minutes. Not much progress after that, so I gave it another 15 minutes. Then another 20. This stuff is usually done after about 45 mins- 1hr. After 1hour and 20 mins had gone by I start to get suspicious and realize that the OVEN HAD TURNED ITSELF OFF. It is at this point (perhaps b/c of my yells of frustration) that Zach comes downstairs and lets me know that our very quirky little oven is programmed to turn itself off when the timer goes off, unless you know to press the button twice. Which I did not. So the poor pumpkin bread, now starting to deflate on itself, had been sitting in a warm oven for a good 40-50 minutes by then, only half-baked. So I turn the oven back on, and let it bake until I assume it's done-- I did the fork test and everything.

It was only after I'd let the pumpkin bread cool down and was getting ready to serve us up some slices of it that I realized that the center was still mushy. ARGH! So Zach is right now letting it sit in the oven in an attempt to save it. Personally, I'm kind of ok with just eating it mushy. I spent my entire childhood eating unbaked cookie dough, I'm not really scared of salmonella.

The other thing I spent way too much time on today was looking into changing my template. I want to try to find something a bit more original than the basic Blogger-provided templates. I'm not quite sure yet what I'll go with, I tried switching some stuff over earlier but it didn't quite work out and I knew I'd need more time to tweak it so I tired reverting back to the same template as before but inevitably stuff got kinda screwey so that's why some things may be somewhat out of place. I may be spending some time this coming week working on this. Or I may give up. It all depends on how many more hours I want to spend ignoring my husband an cat in favor of a glowing computer screen.

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