Tuesday, April 17, 2007

making friends

It's nice being back in French class. It gets me out of the house early, and in contact with other people. There's some newbies in our class this week, along with some oldies that I hadn't met before b/c of being away on trips and such. I've had lunch with gals from the class yesterday and today. We're trying to plan a dinner out for Thursday, where the boyfriends/husbands can come, too, so we can all meet and practice our French together. I hope it works out, as we might not get another chance before we leave for Chile... but at least I've got contact info for a lot of these people so I know I'll either see them in class, or be able to call them up easily, once we get back. It's a bit odd, as usually Zach's been the strongest link in making friends. I've kind of relied on him as a primary connection to other people. He just seems to open up to people and make new friends more easily. But this time, he's working and I'm not, and his office is so small that there's not many contacts there, so he's been telling me that it's pretty much up to me to make friends here. Thank goodness for these French classes... they've been a huge help!

The weather continues to be glorious. I'm pulling out all my summer clothes. This makes Marcy VERY happy. =P I hope this continues.


  1. I'm so jealous that you're taking French classes. I'm going to sign up for classes this summer, I've decided - I need 3 more credits for my MA, so I might as well take one or two other courses while I'm at it... Spanish lit and conversational French? Sounds good to me!

  2. PS - glad you're having such lovely weather - we had HAIL here last Friday (yes, I was lucky enough to DRIVE in it!) and tornadoes. Yes, tornadoES, plural. None too close to me, but close enough. I'm very greatful my house still has a roof and my car still has all its windows.



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