Thursday, April 12, 2007

Completely Unproductive

This morning I stumbled upon B's blog post about Ifilm, which led to me wasting the entire morning watching episodes of 8th & Ocean online. THIS is why I don't want cable in my house, b/c TV is EVIL and I fall way too easily prey to its mesmerizing glow. Especially for utterly ridiculously silly shows.

Anyway... I then spent the rest of the afternoon uploading, organizing, and incorporating Zach's pictures from Paris into my flickr album. Which now contains 477 pictures. I'm just waiting to see what happens when we go to Chile for 3 whole weeks, how many pictures will we end up with then?? I wonder when we'll outgrow the laptop's disk space...

I did accomplish working on my scrapbook, which I haven't done since before the move. Yay! I have a lot of catching up to do. I should go look at some scrapbooking pictures online, that'll give me motivation to get a bunch of pages done.

The weather's been awesome lately, today I think the high was close to 70. Not that I've left the house much... or at all... b/c I've been a computer-couch-potato. Ok, so Zach and I did go out on a walk once he got home from work. Everything's starting to bloom, it's pretty awesome. Which means there's also tons of birds everywhere, which keeps Sierra entertained all day long. It's pretty cute to watch. =P

OH and I got letters from the kids from school back in California! Two of the kids wrote to me, telling me they miss me, and another made a drawing that I think is me and my cat-- adorable!! I've been sending the school postcards when we travel anywhere, and it's just awesome to heard back from them and know they thought of me, and thought of writing to me and everything. Swoon!

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