Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a change

I still need to write one more installment in my "Weekend in Paris" blog post series, but I think that will wait till tomorrow (though I do finally have the pictures up on flickr! You can see them --all 359 of them-- by clicking here. I haven't added captions or anything yet, it took long enough to get them uploaded and then sorted by tags, etc).

I have a break from class this week, so I've had my mornings to myself again. Yesterday, our first day back in town, I got up early to drive Zach to work so I could have the car, then went to do some shopping-- I got a little cd player, so now we can play cd's on something other than our laptop. It also means I got to finally listen to the Beatles go Baroque cd I found in the Louvre gift shop (it's Beatles songs, converted into classical music-- I saw it and just had to buy it, just to see what it was like). =P Zach's been talking about wanting to get more classical music... ; )

And then... I went into town, and got my hair cut. Into a short little pixie cut. I know, crazy, but at times I'm impulsive with hair stuff like this, and I've been getting tired of the maintenance my hair requires for a while. It's fun to have long hair and get to play with it and style it, etc, but when you find that dealing with your hair starts taking over your days (do I have time to wash my hair tonight? Do I have time to let it dry? Do I dry it naturally on the off chance the curls will actually look ok? Do I use the flat iron and further fry my hair? Will I have the extra 20-30 minutes in the morning to straighten it? etc etc etc) it gets to be a bit too much. Not to mention all the suitcase space that's taken up by all my hair gadgets when I go on trips. I've had my hair short before, so I kinda already knew how it'd look. So I went into town and tried a hair salon I'd found on and went for it. The guy seemed almost nervous about the cut, but he did a good job (other than cutting it a bit too short in the back... he had it perfect but then kept "fixing" this and that and got carried away). Zach says I look very "Euro" now, but he seems to like it. =P I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but it looks kind of like this. I already feel more free. It's nice knowing I don't have to plan my day around my hair anymore. =)

Anyway, so after that adventure I picked up Zach at work and we went grocery shopping together. Last week we felt adventurous and bought a wedge of brie, and then I found out I'd need some pastry dough to be able to bake it, so we picked up some of that along with our regular stuff. I followed a simple recipe online that said to roll out the dough, place the slide of brie on top, spread a sweet jam on top, fold the dough over, then drizzle some maple syrup on top and stick it in the oven for 25 minutes. It turned out delicious. I'm normally not a fan of "stinky cheeses" but this summer while in Spain with Jen she ordered a baked brie tapas dish with bread and fruit jams, and it was awesome (I still don't like brie at room temp, though). Anyway, so we'll have to remember that recipe for the future sometime.

Today was mainly spent catching up on blogs, uploading pictures, washing laundry, and organizing the house a bit. I've got a few more pictures up on the walls, and de-cluttered some of the bedrooms a bit. Yay! I'm currently waiting for Zach to come home from work, and then I
ll get started on some dinner. Perhaps I should figure out what to make...


  1. I loved having my hair short when I had a pixie cut, I can't wait to see pictures. :) It's been fun reading about Paris!

  2. brie actually makes a really tasty grilled cheese. Put it with some apricot or fig jam on sourdough or similar thin white bread. The recipe I used also put prosciutto inside. Ryan wasn't a fan, but the brie and apricot preserves was a nice flavor



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