Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting to Know the Neighbors

This morning Zach and I went out on a short hike along a stream in a nearby town. It was really pretty, sort of like the Greenbelt in Austin (except WAY more manicured, the stream-bottom was paved stones). We saw lots of people out walking as well, most of which had at least 1 dog with them. One of these weekends we're gonna try to find some hiking routes in the mountains nearby, there's supposed to be all sorts of really great hikes all within an hour or 2 drive from here.

In the afternoon our neighbors were having a small birthday party for their son today, and they invited us over (I know, how sweet are they?). So we went and got to meet their 2 sons, and the wife and 2 kids of the birthday boy (18 month old girl, 3 yr old boy, both absolutely adorable!). They spoke in French the entire time, and I think we caught about 30%-40% of the conversation... fortunately when anyone spoke directly to us they must've spoken more slowly and clearly b/c we could understand a lot more, but when just conversing all together it was way too fast. But it was fun anyway. They're all super nice and very open. We did the whole traditional 3-kiss hellos and goodbyes and everything. =P

It's continued to be incredibly gorgeous outside, for we had an early dinner at the village restaurant, sitting out in their courtyard. The food was expensive (ok, so the prices were actually pretty average for the area) but also pretty good. It seems like it could also be a great place to sit outside and have a beer, or some ice-cream... or both. ; )

My French classes start again tomorrow. I'm kinda looking forward to it, I just don't practice at all when I'm at home. I'll only get about 10 days of classes before we leave for Chile! Wow, that trip's kinda creeping up on me...

I need to find a dentist for us to go to... it's actually been probably close to 9-10 months since my last cleaning (eek!). Unfortunately when I tried to register on our insurance's website today it kept giving me errors, so I'll have Zach check up on that tomorrow.

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