Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lindsey, Ryan, and Katie flew back to Texas yesterday morning. Mom and Philip are here till Sunday, meaning I get a bit more vacation ahead of me as they hang out with D so I can run errands and catch up on the photos, etc. I'm realizing that one of the best things about having help with D, is that it allows me to truly and fully enjoy him again.

So much of the time I'm preoccupied by what needs to get done that day, how he's eating, how he's sleeping, how to fill our days so as to entertain him, and trying to fit in other things I want to get done during his happy moments. I still try to pause to just watch him and enjoy him each day, but it's tough when your mind is full of all these other to-dos and worries and questions, not to mention those days when all I can think about is OH MY GOD I'M SO TIRED. But when I have someone else here to take him on morning walks so I can sleep in, and who'll watch him while I run errands, or just someone else to be in charge so I don't have to be, I find myself spending much more time just watching him in awe, and thinking to myself, "My God he is so friggin adorable." And it's like I fall in love with him all over again.

It's very nice. =)

By the way, I've got pictures from our first week in Tahoe up on flickr. Still working on the batch from week 2, hopefully will have those up soon.

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  1. Okay, true be told... I didn't even read your post- I was too absorbed by that profile pic of the cute cute baby and your amazing hair!



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