Monday, June 15, 2009


We did, in fact, manage to pack everything into the cars, and even managed to keep the back window view clear on both cars. Woot! The drive up was pretty easy. D did great in the car, only get a bit antsy right at the very end and that was I think b/c he was tired (slept only 30 mins when he usually takes a good hour-long nap in the afternoon). We stopped at a McDonald's for a potty/snack break past Sacramento. I was shocked to find that there were no diaper changing stations in either bathroom. Seriously? For a place whose bread and butter are KIDS and FAMILIES?? So D got his diapers changed in a booth. He also got to try some of my ice cream, which immediately made his eyes bulge out and he kept turning to me with his mouth wide open and tongue sticking out, waiting for another spoonful.

The place we're staying in this week was a reservation made via Mom and Philip's time share deal, and to be frank I'd had my concerns about what the accomodations would be like. The descriptions stated in the confirmation email said no bath tubs, bar-sized fridges, no stove, and cautioned that all units are VERY small due to something about construction permits or something. So I was pleasantly surprised when we got here and saw that the rooms are actually fairly spacious, we each have a full-sized fridge along with a little microwave, there's grills in the communal area, and there's a couple pools and hot tubs. We're also in a pretty sweet location with lots right around us. D and I have one unit to ourselves which is working out quite nicely. He's been sleeping great, too-- both last night and tonight he went to bed without a peep. He did wake at 5am this morning (instead of his usual 6am), but then I got to take a 4 hour nap later in the morning so I can't complain. ; ) I don't know if this is residual tiredness from when I was sick last week or if it's just regular mom tiredness, but I'm exhausted and it's so, so know I'll be able to rest a lot more these next couple weeks. I just need to make sure to take advantage of it.

Mom, Philip, Katie, Ryan, and D walked down to the beach while I napped, apparently a less than 10 minute walk. I hear the water's kinda freezing, but should still be fun to head down to. I need to go ask the staff here where some good playgrounds are to take D to to burn some energy (the rooms are spacious, but not quite enough to let a toddler really run around).

By the way, we discovered this morning that D is able to open the door out of our rooms. Luckily this was while Mom and I were both right there watching, but yeah the door handles here are very easy for him to reach up and turn, and then pull the door open. There is a bolt lock, but it unlocks automatically when the door handle is pulled from the inside. So for right now we're using this small, square coffee table as a "child proof" barricade for the door when needed. At least we're up on the second level-- the walkway out front has a nice rail that's tall enough, and while there are stairs about 15 ft away that could be NOT GOOD for him to try to go down, at least he can't run right out of our room into the parking lot.

Other than that, and the bathroom door that also locks from the inside but can't be un/locked from the outside (and doesn't have an easy way to take the handle off to get in if locked from inside), there don't seem to be many other kid hazzards. So we'll just keep an eye on the doors and he should be fine. I seem to have lucked out with a kid who (most of the time) strikes a nice balance between being curious of everything, and not to get into too much trouble.

Not much in the way of concrete plans for the week, other than at some point riding the Heavenly gondola, and hoping for some warm-enough weather to make use of the pool and go to the beach. And taking naps. Lots and lots of naps.


  1. If you find the lake tahoe rec center which is right next to the beach and where there is a camp ground, I thought they had a playground there. Ask where the 25 yard pool is and there you go.. Also I know down the way there was some great pizza and pasta we always stopped at...

    It sounds like Kilner Park is better though.

    I hope you'll check out isn't it called Emerald Bay or something like that...

    So far, you sound like you are on vacation for sure, yeah!

  2. You should have gone up to the counter to ask the manager about changing tables, and then when he said there were none, you should have plopped D down right there on the counter and changed his VERY POOPY diaper.



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