Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jessica Maier Photography

While living abroad I met many new, wonderful friends, most of which I actually met through this blog. It was the first time that the power of blogging really hit home-- before I'd been doing this for fun, and all of a sudden it was connecting me with all these wonderful people. Anyway, one of these people is my friend Jessica. We first found each other's blogs, when I was living in Geneva and she was still in Neuchatel but soon would be moving to Geneva. Then we got to meet in person. And while we didn't always hang out all that often (partially because, well, I had a baby and he kept me kinda busy), she and her husband have definitely earned themselves spots on my list of Favorite People Ever.

Besides the shared experience of living abroad, and the fact that she and her hubby now live in Austin (giving me a chance to live vicariously through them and loving the fact that I will get to see them often on our own trips back to see family), Jessica and I have bonded over our mutual interest in photography. She recently launched her own photography business, selling her gorgeous prints and also offering to do portait sessions. Abd so I wanted to share her new website with you, since aside from adoring her as a person I also think I'm being fairly objective when I say she's got talent and knows how to wield a camera. I've already got my eye on a couple of prints that I want to buy (I love the bee butt! lol).

I also encourage you to check out her blog, as she often posts about her own adventures in photography as well as her culinary experiments... and the upcoming arrival of her lil' nugget.


  1. she is awesome and I do remember her living in Geneva... How cool though to keep on connecting! I did the same types of things while living in Switzerland before any of us used blogs also...

  2. jessicaeatingswisschocolatenow7:14 PM

    i heart blogging. and photos and little boys, both in utero and out :). this was sweet...made my night!



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