Saturday, June 06, 2009

New TV

We'd made tentative plans to head down to Santa Cruz this morning to give D his first experience at the beach. But then we started the day out already feeling kinda beat, so scrapped those plans... and instead went and bought a TV. ; )

When we first moved in we actually got a TV from a friend, but then it sat in our office and never got used (didn't wanna pay for cable, and the little TV we watch we do online) and it was really big and then we got a loveseat and there just wasn't room for both, so we got rid of the TV. Then Zach realized how miserable it'd be to go through football season without one, and we'd also started talking about how nice it'd be to have a larger screen to project onto from the laptop, and so we went to Best Buy today and bought ourselves a flat panel (26"... respectable, not huge). It actually has a dvd player built-in, which is kinda nifty. It'll at least be nice to have for when D gets sick and I have to entertain him, as my attempt to do so by watching Thomas streaming on the laptop last week (when he was miserable and uber-cranky) failed miserably b/c he kept wanting to just play with the keyboard.

Now of course we'll have to also sign up for cable, which I hate paying for since we really do watch so little TV (not that I'm trying to sound high-and-mighty at all... the time most people devote to TV-watching I spend on the internet, which isn't any more worthwhile) but it will make Zach happy to get to watch football. As he likes to say (only half-jokingly), he'll make sure to watch all the important games regardless, but it's the unimportant games that he wouldn't put extra effort to go see, but that he still wants to be able to watch easily, that makes him need cable. Men are silly.

So there you go, economy. We're doing our part.

Once we made the decision not to go to the beach, I also gave Monika a call to see if they had any plans for the day. Monika & I have gotten together a few times during the week, but it's been a long time since we got together as families and so Zach hasn't seen them in forever. We went over to their place in the afternoon and took the kiddoes swimming at their complex's pool. It was a bit chilly, but D loved it! And their daughter Audrey was adorable, she's a little fish. She's also talking up a STORM, it's amazing how great her vocabulary is. That's part of the fun of hanging out with them-- Audrey's 6 months older than D, so she serves as a mini-preview of what's to come. ; ) After swimming we had dinner together, and watched Audrey and D play. Towards the end Audrey started giving D hugs and saying "I love you, Donovan!" I got some of it on video. Talk about melt-ypur-heart precious. Unfortunately D was a bit tired by the, and she was kinda grabbing him around the neck to give hugs, so he wasn't too into it (started crying). I don't think Audrey took offense, though. lol

We'd talked about watching Home on the new TV tonight, but I think we'll have to save it for another time... off to bed for us.


  1. LOL, great story :0) Hope you're enjoying the new tube! We just started up with Netflix again to catch up on all the tv shows we've been times!

  2. Congrats to Zack on the mini bonus and your new toy! It does sound like a fun afternoon too! Love D's new pic of the moment.

  3. i don't have cable so my tv is primarily used for watching DVDs. you can get the cheapest package (like $14/mo for the very basic channels) until football season comes around, then upgrade.

  4. Might I suggest you multitask? I watch tv while I'm messing about on the computer!

  5. I didn't even have cable before I got a Freddy. Now we have TiVO and a brand-new flat screen...




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