Tuesday, June 09, 2009

stroller roller coaster

Many of you might remember the frantic state I went into while shopping for D's converible car seat a few months ago. Well, I'm kind of dong it again, this time over an all-terrain stroller.

I've spent my free time today reading reviews online and trying to find info, then this afternoon D and I went to Babies R Us to look at some strollers in-person. I found a Jeep Liberty Sport stroller that seems to have decent reviews online, though part of me worries that I'm having such a hard time finding much about it or it sold in many online shops. I like the size (not humongous), the cup holders, the steering wheel toy on the kid snack tray (how much would D love that???) and most of all, it's $120 price tag.

But them of course, there's the infamous BOB stroller. I haven't wanted to spend that much on a stroller ($380). But I'm comparing pictures and specs, and thinking about longevity... And without going into a bunch of details and rambling, basically it looks like the BOB could take a decent beating and last for many years to come, including using it with another baby when that time comes thanks to the "universal" car seat attachment (and by that time D should be old enough to not need/want a stroller so don't foresee needing a double, really).

(I know there's also a bunch of other brands worth looking at, but I'm unfortunately not finding them in stores so they kinda get counted out b/c of that-- both b/c I want to get my hands on it first, and also b/c in order to get the stroller by Sunday, for our trip, I need to buy in-stroe or else pay $$$ more for fast shipping.)

I'm thinking tomorrow I might take D with me to REI to look at the BOB Revolution again (went by tonight after D went to bed to get a quick look), maybe even try putting him in it and strolling around the store. I can't believe I'm thinking of plunking down $400 on a new stroller. Then again, it does seem to be that when it comes to baby gear, parents don't bullsh!t so the highly-coveted, highly-reviewed products (at least the heavily-used ones, like strollers) really are better most of the time and worth the extra money.

GAH! This is nuts.


  1. Marcy

    If you find one here we could bring it on Friday? Take a look and let us know.

  2. Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

  3. Love the Bob and used one like that in Switzerland. We used it every day and through harder terrain.. it was so worth it.... And yes it goes for more than one child...

  4. I know someone who said the Jeep is good but the tires do not stay inflated. I am leaning toward the BOB double stroller.

  5. Have you checked out the strollers at Lullaby Lane in San Mateo? They have a huge selection and you can test them out on the bumpy parking lot in the back. We thought the staff was quite helpful and knowledgeable..

  6. you will NOT be disappointed by the bob!! seriously the best baby investment that we've made...from beach to mountain, it's been awesome.

  7. If you get the BOB, could Philip make a little steering wheel attachment for it?



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