Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And now, for your viewing pleasure...

Here's a few pictures from our trip so far. I'll try uploading more soon, for now I didn't want to overload our internet connection with too many at once (or frustrate myself with multiple failed attempts). For now, here's a few super cute ones to show off.

Donovan and his cousin Ryan. Look, he even has his hand on her chin--unbelievably sweet. =)
Papaw giving D junk food. ;)
We headed down to the beach today, a short walk from where we're staying. Ryan started digging this hole, then as it got bigger Philip got the idea to put Donovan inside it to play with the sand and water. He played happily there for a while, filling up his buckets with water and sand, until clouds and the potential threat of rain forced us to leave. He most definitely did not approve of being taken out of his little water hole. He was so happy there...(In the first pic you can also see Ryan collecting rocks with a new found friend)
D "brushing" his teeth in the bath. His friend Sophia let us borrow her awesome blow-up duckie bath tub, which is working out fabulously since the place here only has showers.
A few more pictures here.


  1. very lovely !! thanks for sharing :)

  2. yeah! these shots are so cute and exactly how I remember Tahoe!

  3. D is such a water baby - i love it! glad to hear you all are having a blast!

  4. I love D in his overalls, so cute!



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