Monday, June 01, 2009

Yay for babies

Last night before bed I wrote myself a decent list of to-do's that I wanted to try to accomplish today. I got a few of them done (like listing a new set of cards on Etsy with photos of one of my favorite childhood summer destinations along with a couple 8x10 photo prints of Argentina). Not much else got done, though. Donovan just took too short of naps today.

However, it's still been a pretty great day. In the morning my friend Debbie came over with her daughter Maddie for a playdate. She and Donovan had a great time-- at times not too happy about sharing toys, but other times chasing each other and just being super, super cute. You know how they say kids don't really play with each other till they're 3 or 4 years old? I just don't buy that. Their interactions today were precious. We played here at the house for a bit, then went down to the park where Maddie played in the sand while Donovan tried multiple times to escape out of the gated play area. They left in the early afternoon, and by the way Maddie was eagerly waving bye-bye (and the way Donovan nearly slammed the front door on them) I guess the kids were ready to call it a day. lol We probably won't see them again untill after their 3-week whirlwind trip to Europe in a couple weeks here-- can't wait to hear their stories!

Later on we went down the street to see if Donovan's Brazilian girlfriend was outside playing. When we got there she was eating a popsicle and her dad offered one to D. I figured, "why not?" He hasn't had one before. At first he didn't know what to do with it and didn't seem to want to eat it. Then I put it up to his lips so he could taste it... and after a minute or 2 he finally realized how tasty it was and that he really liked it. This is kind of how introductions to any new sweets go. I didn't have my camera with me, but did have my cell phone and had just recently set up how to send photos to flickr from my hpone so was able to capture this milestone for y'all.

Then this evening I heard that my friend Karen is in labor, and already at the hospital. Eeek! So excited, and doing my best to send "Easy, quick labor!" and "Happy baby!" vibes her way. Can't wait to meet little Goby (and see what name they decide on... ).

Tomorrow's plans include meeting up with Julia and Sophia for an early shopping trip to a nearby store having a big sale on their toys. Last week sometime I realized that Donovan doesn't seem very excited by most of his toys anymore, even when I rotate the out... possibly b/c most of them he's had since he was an infant. So I've been really looking forward to buying him some fun new toys. =P Later this week I think we'll also make a trip to Ikea so I can buy him a kid-sized table and chairs, and I'm dying to get him one of these chairs (since we have 2 adult-sized ones to match it). He's lately gotten REALLY into sitting in chairs--our dining chairs, outdoor chairs outside, even his potty chair. So I think he'll love having his very own Donovan-sized set. =P


  1. the popsicle photo is so adorable and I can't wait to see photos with D using his new furniture. I can only imagine how cute that will be!

  2. Beware of those Ikea chairs. We have the adult version, and if anyone sits on the front edge of the chair it tries to topple over on top of them. I'd take D to a store and let him try it out before buying. Maybe the kid's ones are less tippy, but normal adults have to be warned when they sit in the one we have. Although it is very comfortable when you sit all the way back in it...



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