Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates

We've been too busy hanging out at the beach, going on hikes, and lounging about while admiring the unbelivable adorableness that is our kiddoes playing. Yesterday Zach and I took Donovan on a hike and at one poiint we let him out of the backpack and let him walk around. He then proceeded to walk up and down a small hill, collect pine cones and then toss them, one by one, off the log where they'd been sitting, try to eat some rocks, and just overall prove once again how much he s his father's son... including when he put up a fight, for the first time ever, when we tried to put him back in the backpack, because he wanted to keep on playing with the pinecones and sticks and rocks and dirt.

To date I have taken about 1200 pictures (yes, really). We drive back on Sunday, so next week y'all will have pictures GALORE to look through. For now, I'll just post this one of our little outdoors baby.


  1. from what i've heard, it sounds like a fabulous trip!

  2. jessisuptoofreakingearly5:49 AM

    lack of updates = you outside enjoying life of puter = good thing!

    can't wait to see pics. i've always wondered what lake tahoe looks like. is there hiking to be done?



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