Friday, June 05, 2009

Etsy Fridays: Shop Update!

I'm hijacking my Etsy Fridays post for this week to do a bit of self-promotion. =P I have a couple new card sets listed which are possibly my favorite sets to date. Maybe part of this is because of the memories attached to the photographs, I don't know. I hope others will love these as much as I do.

In the year before Donovan's birth Zach and I were fortunate to get to travel to quite a few incredible destinations. It's a shame we didn't yet own our dslr on these trips, but I still managed to take many, many pictures, and at least a few of them turning out fairly well. ; ) Last weekend I spent most of my Saturday sorting through these old photos and playing with them in Lightroom, and ended up with two new photo card sets which I'll share here:

Vina del Mar Set of 4 Cards
In early 2007 Zach and I spent 3 weeks in South America. Part of that time was spent in Vina del Mar, Chile, a popular beach town that houses so many of my summer memories from childhood. My grandmother used to own a condo in a building that faced right onto the beach, and the short 2-hour drive from Santiago where we lived meant we came here pretty often for mini-vacations. Zach and I spent a few short days in Vina at first, then loved it so much we changed our plans so we could return for another few days before leaving Chile again. You can see I'm partial to these photographs because of the nostalgia attached to them, but I like to think they are lovely still, all on their own.

J'Aime Paris Set of 12 Cards

Ah, Paris! Who doesn't love Paris? I remember the first time Zach flew there for business. Since he's such an outdoorsman, so much happier among grass and trees and mountains than traffic and cards, I expected him to hate Paris. Instead he came back completely enamored with it. We were able to visit the city together not too long after that, and I had to agree. I found six photographs of various Parisian tourist spots (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles), and put them together into this set of 12 cards (two for each image).

So those are my two new card sets, which as you can see I'm pretty proud of. In addition I have added the option to make your own card sets (currently available for 3-card sets and 4-cards sets, larger sets coming soon). This means you can buy any combination of single cards from the shop, and purchase them as a set!

I hope you like the new additions as much as I do! Be sure to check out the shop to see what else is new, and what new items I'll be listing over the next few days/ weeks. If you're on Facebook, stop by my fan page and become a fan! This'll allow you to get special alerts when I post new items or have other news to share, and also take advantage of special deals and promotions available only to fans (I promise not to spam your facebook stream, I only update about once a day).

One last thing I'd like to mention is that I recently went through and updated all the shipping ratesto be the most current and accurate, and set up specific rates for shipping within the US, to Canada, and Worldwide. Also, all photography prints ship to the US and Canada for FREE!

Etsy Fridays will resume as usual next week, with 3 new shops to feature. ;)

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