Sunday, June 21, 2009

North Lake

Yesterday we moved from the place we stayeed in last week in south Lake Tahoe, to the house we're renting for this next week on the north side of the lake. Definitely a more rustic feel, really nice. The house is cool, just big enough for all of us and lots of separate little gathering areas. There's a great back porch, and lots of space for Donovan to have outdoor adventures exploring rocks, twigs, and pinecones. There's at least one trail pretty close by, and we checked out the beach that's about a 15 minute walk away and it's GORGEOUS. Pebbles instead of sand, which almost works better for D since he loves playing with rocks. I didn't bring my camera with me to the beach today, which I regretted as soon as we got there, but I'm sure we'll spend plenty of time there anyway and I think it's supposed to heat up some more, too, which will be perfect for beach time. It was a bit windy by the time we got there so kinda cold, but once you lay down on the ground the rocks radiate heat to warm you up in spite of the wind. So D, who was walking around and playubng, was wearing a jacket, while the rest of us (sitting/lying on the ground on towels) were in bathing suits.

Jenny's friend Molly got here Saturday morning, then left this afternoon. Quick trip, but it was fun having her here and she seemed to enjoy the bit of sun and beach time that she did get. Cyrus, Julia, and Sophia got here yesterday and brought Julia's sister's dog, also named Molly, who they're watching for a few weeks. Molly the dog seems fairly tame (unless you let her off the leash) and very good with kids. D has gotten licked in the face a couple times already and seems to like her. =P

The house has lots of stairs, both inside and outside, which D LOVES. It's nice since it tires him out to go up and down the stairs, but he has to be supervised/helped and so if he's going up and down the stairs, then so are you. Today we did a good bit of that, and I'm hoping it'll tire him out enough to sleep well tonight. He's been waking up at 4 or 5am most days on this trip so far. Not cool. Of course, he's already woken up once tonight since bedtime so not sure that bodes well for a good night of sleep. Poor guy also has a tooth that's about to break through the surface, which can't help. All that aside, he's been in a great mood most of the time...

Gonna go have some tea and ice cream and then get to bed soon myself.


  1. isn't it amazing how things can change from one side of the lake to the other... I remember both sides very well.. :) Can't wait for photos.

  2. Who cares when he wakes up -- don't you have grandparents there? Let them take care of him! You SLEEP!



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