Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Welcome to the world, buddy!

After being in labor all last night and this morning, Karen gave birth to her sweet little baby boy midday today. Julia and I were able to stop by for a visit in the afternoon-- I feel honored that we were the first ones! Little Cannon was just a few hours old, slept the whole time (had apparently been wide awake and very alert just a bit before), and is absolutely precious. Daddy Benjamin already sent out the announcement email and posted a couple pictures on flickr, so I feel ok posting some of my own. ; )
A few more pictures here.

Karen looked incredible, and they both just seem so thrilled to get to meet their little guy. Again, I am so excited that I got to see him already, and I hope to be able to lend a helping hand once the new family is back home. It will be so fun to watch him grow up and become part of the "gang." Not to mention that Donovan finally has another male buddy in our group of friends. ; )

As an aside, I am fairly happy to say that as lovely as he was to hold and as adorable as he was to gaze at, and as much as I hope to be around to help them out, I still feel absolutely no newborn lust. I am quite happy waiting a good while longer before we think about having another.


  1. what adorable pix of an adorable new family!

  2. He looks so tiny! How much did he weigh?

  3. Laura: He does seem tiny! He weighed in at 6lbs 10oz.

    Marcy: Thanks so much for putting these fabulous shots up!! This post filled an information void for my family while Karen and I focused on Cannon in the hospital.



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