Saturday, June 13, 2009

Full House

My mom, step-dad, niece, and sister flew in Friday afternoon. Jenny also drove down from SF and arrived at about the same time as everyone got home from the airport. Within about 20 minutes Donovan was running around giggling hysterically, drinking in all the attention. Fun times. We managed to accommodate everyone here overnight, impressively--D's sleeping in our room with us, Katie and Ryan are in D's room, Mom and Philip in the office, and Jenny in the living room. I'd say we're at about capacity.

Today was spent lounging, taking trips to the park, doing laundry, packing, chatting, playing with D, and eventually D went to bed and Zach, Jenny, and I went out to meet friends for Zach's birthday dinner (gotta take advantage of the free babysitting!). Luckily my cold symptoms went away today-- my head felt clear again, and even though energy levels were still pretty low at least I'm over the hump. Just in time.

Tomorrow Jenny goes back to SF, and most of us take off to the mountains (Zach stays here for another week, then he and Jenny will join us next Saturday). I'm wondering how the car ride will go tomorrow-- 4 hours with an active toddler strapped into a car seat. Could be interesting. It'll also be the Moment of Truth, when we find out if we packed lightly enough to fit luggage, etc (including a pack-and-play and stroller), for 3 adults, a teenager, and 2 kids in a CR-V and Honda Fit.

But stress about the packing and drive itself aside, I am very excited about these next 2 weeks, and very much looking forward to time with family, taking lots of pretty pictures (of the outdoors and family alike), and having FREE TIME. You know, time for myself. Alone. While someone else looks after the kiddo. Oh, it will be nice.


  1. I'm sure you are going to have so much fun, and lots of time for photos and books and enjoyment!

  2. House guests cause so much stress! I am on a cleaning spree so we are not embarrassed to have people over!



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