Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This is the life

Zach and I have gone on little dates both last night and tonight. Each time I've actually gotten a bit dressed up, with full make-up, etc. Kinda feels like "old times." Mom's been getting up with Donovan, meaning I've been sleeping in till about 9am the past few mornings, and then she and Philip have been taking him out to the playground or other outings. D's seeming to feel much more comfortable with them, to the point where he doesn't cry anymore when I leave or when I come back after being out for a few hours (which is what usually happens when he's baby-sat by anyone else). Zach and I keep talking about buying a duplex and getting one of D's grandparents to live in the other unit, and only kinda half-jocking when we say it. It sure is nice to have the help.

I've been able to run different errands the past few days, including this afternoon heading over to Karen and Benjamin's to drop off some stuff I'm lending them, and get to see little Cannon again. It's fun to see how much he's changed over the past few weeks, and they're all just doing so well.

Donovan's been so adorable, it's so fun to watch him playing with his grandparents and enjoying them so much. He's also amazing me lately with his development. He's been eating more and more with a spoon and fork, and even is starting to insist to feed himself. Which can be messy, but he does amazingly well with it. It makes me so proud. Today he also astounded me with his first clear time to show pretend play. He loves playing with little bottles, like his lotion bottle or a toothpaste tube, and occasionally I've found him doing this thing where he'll pretend to pour some of whatever's in the bottle onto his hands, and then rub his hands together. Which I guess in itself is "pretending" but I just saw it as immitating what we do when we put lotion or sunscreen on him. But then today he was doing that when I was next to him and I told him, "Donovan, put some of the lotion on Mommy" showing him my arm. And he actually did-- he pretended to pour stuff out onto his hand, and then rubbed it onto my arm. And he kept doing it over and over, for several minutes. It was a very proud mommy moment. =)


  1. Oh they grow up so fast! What a sweet photo, too!

  2. I heart that photo.

    PS: the duplex on the other side of my driveway keeps changing tenants. I'm sure the owner would love to sell it or rent it to a nice family on a more permanent basis. Just sayin'...

  3. We moved my mom up the street from us and she spends every afternoon here (M-F) and babysits on weekends if we want to go out. It is such a wonderful thing to see you child form relationships with others - especially family. I love having more of the "village" raise my child. It opens their world up.

    So glad you are having that experience! Get the duplex!!!

  4. Sounds very exciting indeed. I'd say you are both so lucky to have parents that visit so often.. And the lotion moment.. I could just hear your little smiles,giggles I'm sure... And wishing you had that moment on video.. :)

  5. I like the duplex idea. I always loved the thought of living in an intentional co-housing community. :)

    Cute photo!

  6. Jackie12:41 PM

    As soon as you think you've found the perfect car seat they come out with something new and different:

    I hope you can persuade a grandparent to move nearby. I would have loved having someone nearby to help out when my girls were younger.



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