Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok, I think I see it now

People keep telling me how Donovan looks so much like me, but I've had a hard time seeing it. I've noticed him looking like Zach, his brother, and often like my dad depending on his facial expression, but other than the fact that his eyes are brown instead of blue/gray/green/whatever, I've had a hard time really seeing the resemblance.

Well, the other day while looking for pictures of Grampa to use at the memorial service, we came across an album of pictures of us as kids, and while flipping through the pages and remembering those favorite clothes I was wearing and the favorite toys I clutched in so many of the photos, I then saw this one above... and, um, yeah, I see it now. I see now how he TOTALLY has my eyes, down to the eyebrows, and may have my nose, too. I look at the whole top half of my face in this photo, and I feel like I'm looking right at D. Crazy.

Knowing how precious these photos are, and that there aren't a whole lot of them thast survived our move from Chile 18 yrs ago, I resolved to spend my morning scanning in the pictures so we'd have digital copies. I got through that album, and tonight worked on a different one from when my brother and sister were babies, back in the 70's. Daddy mentioned that he also has a photo album at his place that he might bring over, so I might try to scan those in, too. I'm so used now to having digital everything, and about 5 different backups of everything, so it makes me so nervous to know we only have this ONE SINGLE COPY of these precious photos, a copy that could at any time get lost of messed up and then be gone forever. And so it feels really good to be making these new copies, to be able to share and preserve, making it that much more likely that Donovan can one day sit here and see what his Mama looked like as a kid herself.

I may also head out at some point tomorrow to buy a better photo album to hold them, as the current one is kinda falling apart and no doubt made of pages full of acid and other picture-fading fun things. Then, once back in California, I'll have to pull out the envelopes containing Zach's baby photos and a few of my own and scan those in, too. I'm on a kick with this project, feeling pretty motivated to do it and do as much as I can, and I'm hoping it lasts. We shall see.


  1. i love love love that you're scanning in all those photos! it's something i hope to accomplish at some point, of the photos at my parent's home.

  2. That is inspired. I would love to to do the same thing and may have to. We have a lot of OOAK pictures I'd like to have copied! Need to get me a scanner ASAP!




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