Wednesday, July 29, 2009

getting back in the swing of things

So we're back. D and I flew back to California on Monday afternoon. The flight went well enough-- D slept for about 45 minutes, his eyes drooping down just as the plane was taking off. He had his own seat and sat in his car seat the entire time. Several times throughout the flight he looked at me and would sign "all done" at me to try to get me to take him out, but I was using my tray to hold stuff and so holding him as well wasn't very feasable, and luckily I could distract him with a toy or a book or just letting him rest his hand on my chin. All in all he did pretty great, even prompting a compliment from the young (20yo?) guy who sat next to us about how well D was on the flight. Mind you, the 3.5 hours in the air still seemed to creep by veeeeery sloooooowly but at least they weren't terribly unpleasant. The hardest part was more keeping him entertained at the airport in Austin, since our flight was delayed a little. I could have put him in his car seat and rolled him around, but knowing he'd have to spend several hours sitting on it on the plane, I didn't want him getting tired of it before we even got on.

So we're home, and have been dealing with the aftermath of a week spent away. Meaning feeling like I'm playing a desperate game of catch-up, all while D's been acting whiny and clingy the past 2 days. I'm almost wondering if he's coming down with a cold or something, being sick tends to put him in a bad mood. Then again maybe he just misses his 5 adoring grandparents, and Mommy just ain't good enough (especially when I don't let him do all the fun stuff he wants to do). But, I shouldn't complain. Just this morning D astounded me by showing me that he knows even more of his body parts, including his teeth. It's a fun game we're playing now-- I just keep thinking of new things to ask him about, and he'll grin madly as he points right to them. It's crazy how smart he is. I'm sure I'm the only mom that's convinced her kid's a genius, right? ; )

I still have all the pictures from last week that I want to go through and tag, but since I'm trying to limit computer time to when D is sleeping (and not hog it all night when Zach's home) it's, um, a bit difficult to find the time. Especially when a week of using my parents' home computers reminds me how much slower our laptop is. And I'm also just plain tired. But, hey, what else is new?


  1. But does he know his body parts in Spanish? :P

  2. Oh I love this tiny suit and the photo! Happy days back, we have a heat wave up here. It's 36C yesterday... or a bit less 32C. Well a heat wave for Victoria!



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