Wednesday, July 08, 2009

moody child

So Monday was great, yesterday he was cranky to no end, then today he's been super-adorable all day long. *throws hands up in the air* I won't try to understand it, just enjoy the good and hope it's not a cycle that'll make him super cranky again tomorrow.

I ordered some new, bigger clothes for D online the other day, and was very excited to see that the boxes came in today. Among the adorable shirts and pants, also came 2 new pairs of shoes- crocs (D's favorites) to replace his outgrown pair, and a pair of toddler-sized converse all-stars. Both seem to fit well, and are incredibly cute. My little man's gonna look mighty snazzy for Sophia's birthday party this weekend! =P I may not have the energy/time to make myself look presentable most days, but I can at least make sure my kid looks good.


  1. Ain't that the truth! Nicholas is always better dressed than I am.

  2. Of course you don't have time to make yourself look good, you're too busy taking photos of D in his stylin' threads!

  3. Those clothes are so cute, especially the shirt. I wish we could afford to spend that much on outfits for Mira. I have to shop the clearance racks in Target and reject anything that costs more than $5 for a complete outfit... Course, I still manage to find some good deals every now and then.

  4. I consider my kid my long as she's cute enough no one will look at me. :0)



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