Thursday, July 16, 2009

life, death, and a last-minute trip to texas

So, Grampa died this morning. The funeral will be on Monday. Zach's parents are here visiting till Wednesday. So Zach, D, and I will fly home for the funeral and leave them here. Which feels pretty sucky. But they still get the break from the Texas heat, and we'll see them there anyway once they get back. I'm thinking that D and I might go ahead and make it a longish stay, then come back on our own. We'll see. Gotta try flying solo with the kiddo sometime, right?

In an interesting twist, I have a friend in Austin who may be giving birth to her son today. Life and death, always connected. My mom has often commented, while watching D play and just be a kid, how much the late stages of life, approaching death, resemble the early stages of life, baby- and toddlerhood-- a baby on one hand growing, developing, and becoming more independent and able, while on the other side of the spectrum one begins to break down and need more care all over again.

The past day or 2 have been quite the emotional rollercoaster. I'm sure Grampa's death will hit me once we get into town and see everyone, and see Grammy alone, without her partner of 60+ years. I'm nervous about seeing an uncle who I'm usually very fond of, but with whom I am currently furious after an ugly fight between he and my sister this week. I am feeling a sudden instinctual urge to rush home and be comforted by my mom, although I doubt she'll have a whole lot to offer as she deals with her father's death. I was glad to have Hank and Susan here today, as I practically ditched them with D while I went out to run errands and just get away and be for a while.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about your grampa - hugs from us

  2. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hugs,

  3. Something tells me Hank and Susan had NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with taking D off your hands today.

    Focus on Mom and taking care of her (don't let her stay up all night cleaning the house), and forget the Other Person. Luckily there will be enough people there that avoiding him should be rather easy.

    I'm glad you and Jenny will be there with Mom. I'm starting to feel bad that I won't be there... we'll try to make the drive back in 2 days (instead of the scheduled 3) and I'll head straight to Austin after dropping Freddy off in DFW (he's gonna have to work, can't afford more time off).


  4. I am so sorry Marcy, I hope your travels are safe, and know we are thinking of you all.

  5. ...may beautiful memories give you all strength at this time.



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