Friday, July 17, 2009

calm before the storm

Zach took Hank, Susan, and Donovan to Vasona Park to ride the carousel and just get some outside time. I stayed behind and packed my and D's suitcase. After the stress of packing for Tahoe (wanting to make sure we brought everything, not knowing what the weather would be like, or if everything would fit in the car, etc) packing to go back to Texas is pleasingly simple. I know it'll be hot, so all the clothes are small and easy to pack. Both sets of grandparents aready have stashes of toys and books at their houses, so I only need to bring enough to entertain D while on the flight. They also each have cribs already set up, and there's a hand-me-down stroller we can use. It's a relief not to have to think about all that stuff.

I also finished the park photos this morning. We're leaving the laptop here (D and I will be flying back on our own, so I want to have as little carry-on stuff as possible), and I imagine I'll be able to still load and share photos on one of the computers at Mom's, but we'll see.

It kinda feels like the calm before the storm here right now. Tomorrow we'll board the plane, all of us (Hank and Susan changed their flights to be able to fly back with us) and head into the mass of family and activity and remembering. I've settled on D's funeral outfit-- a UT polo (to commemorate Grampa's beloved university) with navy blue khaki shorts. I read online that you should dress kids in black for funerals, but when I called my mom she said the dress code isn't that strict, and it just feels really odd to me to dress such a young kid in mourning clothes. Like he shouldn't be tainted by death that way. I don't know. I at first didn't think we'd take him to the funeral itself, but we have a few different volunteers (my dad and Zach's parents) who'll be going and offered to watch D if he gets restless and needs to go play outside.

I'm exhausted. I think it's time for bed. Big day tomorrow.


  1. safe travels to you all!

  2. Also, I'm not sure if you've ever really tried to find black baby clothes... it's dam near impossible.

    See you soon!



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