Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunflowers & Shopping

I totally thought of Carolyn when I saw this sunflower (I figured my fellow science geek would get a kick out of it, too... which btw Carolyn if you're reading this I read the Mutants book a couple weeks ago, it was really interesting!). But yeah, it's like a siamese twin sunflower... or something. Gotta love these random freaks of nature.

I got off my ass and went into town today and tried to run some errands, though was not entirely successful. For example, it only recently came to my attention that we seem to be missing most of the bath towels we used to have (as in, we're down to 3). So I went to try to buy more, but all the towels were like $50!!! Some were on sale for $25... which still seems a tad ridiculous to me. So I think we'll be using some beach towels while Andrew and Jakki are here, and then I'll buy some at Target when we go back. I think I need to just bring my suitcases completely empty, I'll be doing so much shopping when we go back.

1 comment:

  1. Most of us pack a smaller suitcase filled with the things we need inside of a larger suitcase intended to be filled with shopping requirements on the way back.

    By the way, towels are one thing that even the Swiss say should be purchased in the US. Not only are they outrageously expensive here (after all, what isn't), but the towels in Europe are not the big, fluffy, wonderfully absorbent kind.



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