Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The 4th of LAME!

So I started trying to research stuff to do for tomorrow, you know, the 4th of July. I'd heard that Geneva usually has a huge gathering, which some say is the largest 4th of July festivities outside the US.

However... this year, it has been cancelled.

I've searched genevaonline.ch and found a couple other events, but they're more like a pub here and there deciding to serve some American food and dress in red, white, and blue. I realize that considering the rain of the past 2 days chances are the weather would not be conducive to fireworks and the like, and I never was that big on the 4th anyway while living in the states, but for some reason this seems a particularly stinging insult since it just doesn't even feel like summer here to me right now.

I've noticed that I keep having to remind myself that it's June, or now July, that it's the middle of the summer season... except it doesn't feel like it at all, b/c other than the occasional day of sun and moderate warmth, it's been miserable and rainy for the past several weeks. This just does not compute with my brain that was trained that summer = 100 degree weather (in Texas), or at least constant sun (in California). It feels more like a California winter than any type of summer. Other than the extremely long days.

I'm pretty sure that every previous year of my time living on the northern hemisphere, I have donned a swimsuit at least once by the time the 4th of July rolls around. This year, I don't even know where the local pools or swimming holes are yet.

Tell you what, when I go to Texas in august, you'd better believe I'm going to Barton Springs EVERY DAY.


  1. We've had flash floods pretty much every day this summer. It's crazy. The weather is acting really kooky... which makes a girl wonder. I was a supporter of global warming before, but with all this, I'm starting to get scared...

  2. the 4th of juLAME! indeed! happy 4th to you and zach -- it's supposed to be 100 degrees in our area this week. yikes!

  3. It's been raining torrentially for over two weeks now here too. Flash floods, Marble Falls is under water and will take years to recover... etc. Waterloo Ice House patio went under water today. Crazy



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