Wednesday, July 11, 2007

lazy, plans

Today was uneventful, as I wasted most of it by watching episodes from The Real World: Austin on iFilm. I'm still disappointed that they never seemed to do half of the cool stuff there is to do in Austin... but I guess that's what happens when you're too busy getting drunk every night.

But anyway...

Andrew and Jakki came back from Paris today. They happened to get rained on a few times, and Andrew's having a hard time getting over the fact that waiters here are just not as friendly as back in the states, but other than that it seems they had a good time. So we started talking about what to do this weekend, and Zach just booked us a night in Dijon, France for Saturday. He tells me there's good wine tasting and artsy stuff there.

Ok, bedtime. I swear I'll be more productive tomorrow.


  1. hahaah when real world austin started airing, i got about 6 phone calls from people telling me i look like melinda.

    the slutty*est* one. goooodtimes. i didn't have cable though so i didn't watch it.

  2. Actually, Melinda was only acting slutty in the first, like, 2 episodes. After that she latched onto Danny and hardly ever even flirted with anyone else.

  3. good to know! the only one i chanced to see was the second episode i believe...i decided the only reason people thought i resembled her were the blonde hair and the big nose.



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