Friday, July 20, 2007

Amsterdam and Feminists

Andrew & Jakki came back from Amsterdam this morning. It seems they had a great time-- they said the city was great, everyone's really nice and laid back (except, apparently, when they're in their cars, at which point road rage emerges with a vengeance), and they had some funny stories about witnessing a drug bust and about some American kids that tried to bring some pot back with them in a bag that had the red light district symbol on it-- yeah, not too subtle, guys.

I've been reading Feministing (a feminist blog) a lot more lately. I'm not sure how long I'll keep up the habit, as a lot of the things they report are just so absurd that I can't believe they actually happen (like how Tom DeLay blamed abortions for the illegal immigrant problem-- b/c otherwise, clearly, all those aborted children would have grown up to go work in slaughterhouses and farms and stuff). But for now it gives me good stuff to rant about.

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