Tuesday, July 24, 2007

friends, tasty oils, and scrapbooking

(I just don't think I'm very good at making up creative post titles... )

I had lunch plans with some friends today, so in spite of the rain I headed off on the bus to meet up with Serena, Cathy, and Francisca down in Paquis. Serena also brought a friend of hers that's visiting from the states, so there were 5 of us. We found a cute little restaurant and duked inside, and had a great meal-- even though the place seemed more suited for drinking than eating (one small page of the menu was devoted to food, the rest of it was all alcohol).

Francisca then had to rush off back to work, and the rest of us walked down towards Old Town and had a coffee while sitting outside in one of the squares. By then the sun had come out and it was actually kinda warm, so it was really nice. We walked right past Serena's apartment, so she stopped in to pick up her Yorkie, Minnie, and she joined us for our coffees. She's such an adorable, teeny little thing! Anyway, so yeah, it was a really nice afternoon. I need to try to be more active in making plans with people.

On my way back to the bus I stopped at this little shop that Serena's friend had mentioned that sells all these different kinds of spices and olive oils, and the guy working there showed me some of them including this trio of olive oils that are infused with basil, another with lemon, and a third with chili pepper (which people here like to put on their pizza, to make it spicy). As soon as I smelled them I knew I had to buy them... they were delicious! They were also a bit pricey, but I figured this is exactly the sort of thing we need to be taking advantage of while we're here in Europe. I might have to get more of this stuff to bring back as gifts for people in the states...

By the time I got home it had rained again, and the sun was coming out yet again. This weather is seriously crazy unpredictable. But anyway, I put on some music, opened the doors so Sierra could play outside, and worked on a scrapbook page of pictures from a wedding last summer (I'm kinda behind). My sister Cristina just signed up to sell Creative Memories and I was looking at her website, and they've really come out with some awesome stuff since I last shopped their products. I think I'll have to put in quite an order with her to pick up when we go to Texas...

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  1. jessica9:03 AM

    So, I just moved to GE, to Veyrier and was wondering where you lived, not to be stalkerish, but if you wanted to get together for coffee soon? you can email me directly, drop a note on my blog too...either way if you're interested. your girls group sounds like fun. I've never gotten into organized scrapbooking, b/c i like to make mine a little more abstract than that, but i've begun making cards. i'm new to it, but really really enjoy doing it. do you do that?



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