Saturday, July 21, 2007

Patience is not my greatest virtue...

Which could be a problem, seeing as I'm gonna be a MOM soon! =P I was going to wait and announce this tomorrow as a six word sunday, but I couldn't really think of a story title that was that witty or cute, and well, I got impatient. Our little one is due in mid-February. Below is a picture from the ultrasound I had on Tuesday, revealing a cute little fetus about an inch long, actually looking like a mini human being (the last time we saw it, about a month earlier, baby was a teeny little blob). I think seeing this image really made everything so much more real... though I still can't really imagine this little being actually living inside my belly.

We are both ecstatic and nervous and kind of in awe of this whole thing. My mom's already busy crocheting a little (yellow, gender-neutral) blanket for her future grandchild. =) And it's so fun to get to tell people, and share this news! Everyone's been so excited for us. And now that we're "out in the open" I can start asking for advice from all you other moms out there. ; )

I've been feeling pretty great so far, I only had about 3 days where I felt like my stomach was upset, and mostly my complaint has been feeling tired... which is why I've been such a lazy bum in the past weeks. The only thing is I'm starting to get a bit of a belly (not enough to be noticeable, I mainly look like I ate too much) but pants are starting to fit kinda tight at the waist. I've been doing great in some of my stretchy skirts, but today it's a bit chilly out and I may have to go with jeans. I've been debating whether it's worth it to buy this Bella Band contraption I keep hearing about, since likely it'll take a good week or 2 to get here... Alternately I could wait till we go to the states next month, when I plan to go on a massive shopping spree for maternity clothes and possibly a bunch of baby stuff, as well.


  1. Congratulations!

    Just leave the top jeans button undone and wear a long shirt. That will get you through until you can buy maternity clothes in the US.

  2. i was wondering when you'd announce it here!

  3. I started wearing Tommy's pants for a while, then I switched to ultra low-rise stretchy denim. And I unbuttoned my top button and folded the waist down like when I got my navel pierced.

    I loaned out some of my maternity clothes, but I'll get 'em back. I only had 3 shirts and two pants, but you're welcome to use them.

    Gotta go to Target and there's an Old Navy near-by with a maternity section

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    What was going to be the six-word story tomorrow? "Patience is not my greatest virtue" would not have worked if you'd waited patiently until tomorrow.

  5. I had a few ideas, though they were fairly cheesy... like "There's an alien in my uterus!" or "First comes love, then comes marriage..."

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I bought a Bella Band when I was in the States around 10 weeks but I hated the tightness around my waist. I ended up getting tons of stuff at Gap Maternity (not super cheap, but very, very comfy and not too "maternity" looking--they even have their "long and lean" jeans with a stretchy waist) and since then have had my mom send me shipments (I order online to her house and she mails it to me). Target is good, too, though their pants didn't fit me right. Good luck!

  7. Oooooh COngrats! I don't know you ,but I got the chills just seeing your ultra sound! Kids are fabulous! You will be a great mom and WHAT A FABULOUS country to bring up Kidlets! ;-)

  8. Congrats again. Someone at my work told me about the rubber band trick and I used it until I fit into maternity pants better. Unbutton the top button of your jeans, and then put a rubber band around the button and through the button hole and around the button again. This allows the waist of your jeans to stretch while you are in between regular clothes and maternity clothes.



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