Thursday, July 05, 2007

into the woods (sort of)

Tomorrow the 4 of us are off to Grindelwald for the weekend, which to my understanding is something like the Yosemite of the Swiss German side of the country. And its name always makes me think of the National Lampoon's movies, I guess b/c their last name was something like... was it the Griswolds? So yeah, very similar. Anyway, there will be mountains and hiking galore. I think Zach will be quite happy by the end of this trip... if he can take leaving the mountains on Sunday. ; ) We're leaving way early in the morning to take the 4 hr train, which means I really should be hitting the sack soon...

The weather report claims it'll be sunny this weekend-- woot!


  1. Haaa, I found your site again! I sent you an email asking you for it. So never mind! I got it!
    Enjoy Grindelwald. I LOVE IT THERE! One of my favorite places. LESS crowded then Yosemite. and Most of the time, less hot!
    I am green with envy! Wish I were there! Anyways, wanted to say HI! And I am going to add you to my blog roll so that I don't lose "you" again! AND YES life is good. Ever seen the cool clothes with that name?

  2. jessica4:15 AM

    i can't remember if i emailed you the link to the herens cow fights, or if i put it after your comment in the blog. did you get it?



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