Monday, July 23, 2007

Les Hooches

On Sunday me, Zach, Andrew and Jakki met up with Bob, Aruna, and Jules and drove out towards Chamonix to a town called Les Hooches (yes, really), in France. We rode the cable car up to the top where there's a little hotel/restaurant where some friends of Bob and Aruna's were staying for the weekend, and all of us went on a nice hike. The weather was nice, not too hot, clouds kinda came and went, by the end of the day we kind of got a decent view of Mont Blanc behind the clouds. We did our hike in about 2 hours or so, then had a great lunch at the restaurant, and then the group went off to hike some more. Already a bit tuckered out, I decided to stay behind and rest a bit. The sun was getting stronger at that point, and I didn't want to overheat myself. So I read a book and napped a bit till they came back, we then all had a bit of dessert at the restaurant again and then headed back down the mountain. All in all a pretty good time.

We had planned to tell Bob and Aruna about me being pregnant, but the right moment never seemed to come up. Maybe I'm just bad about jumping in during the middle of a conversation with a big group and announcing something like that, especially since we'd just met the other family that day. Oh well, we'll try to make plans with them soon enough and get to share the news then. I know they'll be excited, Aruna asked me several months ago when we were gonna start making babies already! lol

In somewhat related baby news, when I sent out the email to friends about the pregnancy I happened to also send it to a friend of Zach's from work (who lives in CA still). Zach had planned on waiting a bit longer to tell work, but I figured this guy was a) a guy, and b) pretty quiet, so he probably wouldn't spill the news to anyone.

Well, today Zach got an email from another co-worker sending his congratulations. It appears this guy is the 3rd or possibly 4th person in line to have found out from the guy I originally sent the email to. It's not a big deal, we kinda find it funny more than anything. I didn't expect male engineers to be this big of gossips. =P

In completely un-related, non-baby news, I got a hair cut today, and I think it was the first time in my life that I haven't walked out of a salon and felt the immediate need to go home and wash my hair thanks to their horrendous styling. It cost about $80 total, which for these parts seems to be pretty decent, actually. She cut it a bit shorter than I wanted, but it looks cute and this way it'll take longer to grow out, right? ; )

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  1. CDNSarah11:55 PM

    Les Houches is a great place in summer and winter! Good choice.



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