Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mystery Poop

I've already posted 1 entry whining about the rain and the non-summer-y weather, so rather than go into another tirade I'll just say this-- today, it was about 50 degrees outside. That's just plain wrong.

So, it's been a fairly uneventful past couple days here... I've been busy uploading and categorizing pictures from the weekend and stuff, and this morning I actually got some different house work done (Zach got home and as he went to start cooking dinner, exclaimed in a surprised tone, "Hey, the kitchen's clean!").

However, there is one thing that's been occupying our minds-- and this is The Mystery of the Random Cat/Dog Poop. See, when we arrived back home Sunday night we found some poop on our welcome mat. (Nice, huh?) Zach thinks it was too nicely formed and perfectly preserved to have been picked up and moved there, so his theory is that Sierra had a through-the-glass-door meeting with a neighborhood cat, who decided to poop right there as a showing of territoriality or something.

I'm wondering if it was one of the village teenagers, possibly the same ones that threw a water balloon at our door a few weeks ago, one night while the parents were still here. I guess we'll just keep our eyes open and look out for any other weirdness or pranks.


  1. Sorry to hear about the cat poo. I just checked out your photos. Actually still in the process of looking. I am GREEN with envy. Makes my heart cry. BUT I am enjoying them
    What are those sticks wit the white around them? Looks like cotton. Also the photo from the train station with the blue Hostel. My brother, his wife, my daughter, and I stayed there once for a week. We were meant to camp, but my brother brought the tent without the sticks, so we found that place. IT WAS FABULOUS!!! Best memories.
    Also, where were those dogs? I have been there soo many times and never saw those dogs...

  2. sorry I missed your entry from before this one! YOU STAYED at the hostel.
    WE were there in Beg. of June 2002 and we had the whole place to ourselves. IT was fab!

  3. The dogs were at the Eiger glacier train stop (on the way up to the Jungfraujoch). I think during the winter you can even take sleds led by the dogs!

  4. Haa you are right. I remember them now! I never got out there!



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