Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"the kids" are here

So Andrew (Zach's little bro) and his girlfriend Jakki arrived yesterday morning. They're both in college, and taking advantage of their summer break to spend a month here in Europe. It's actually a pretty cool thing for them, they bought a 21 day rail pass for all of Europe so will be spending much time traveling all over the continent in the weeks to come.

We spent most of the day yesterday just hanging out around here, they napped for a while, and we went on a walk so I could show them the lambs and horses nearby. Then we picked up Zach from work and did a massive grocery shopping trip. No joke, we spent about $400. Andrew was laughing that everyone else was buying just a couple of things, and we came home with a trunkful of food. But, you know, when you have 4 people in a house, and one of them is Andrew who eats constantly, you gotta stock up. They all chipped in to make a fabulous dinner last night. Good times.

Today I'm meeting up with a new friend for lunch in town, I'm waiting to see if "the kids" will wake up in time to come with me, or if they'll stay around here again trying to fight off jet lag. We're already starting to talk of cool weekend trips to take, all 4 of us, like maybe to Paris for a few days, and to visit our friend Sean who's spending the summer on the Italian coast. We'll see what pans out.

Oh, and by the way....


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