Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I think Sierra's getting addicted to the outdoors. Lately, on these sunny days we've had, she'll walk around downstairs and meow at me, and I only recently figured out that when she does that I think she's trying to get me to open the doors for her. Then she'll sit out there, either lounging on the pavement, or staring up at the birds flying by... a couple times she's taken off running trying to catch one! I don't think she's ever gotten at all close though. She has nowhere to hide, really, and is in plain sight of the birds.

It's pretty cute to watch her, though. I'm glad we have this little patio, it definitely serves her as great entertainment. I have a couple pictures of her out there that I took today, but I haven't uploaded them yet and now it's getting late, so I think it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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