Thursday, March 19, 2009

the wheels are turning...

D and I went to the mall today, mostly to browse and get out of the house and give D a chance to rest up in the stroller a bit. His nose is still a bit runny and seems slightly warm to me (though no fever). He did great, just chilled in the stroller hardly ever letting our a peep, gathering lots and lots of compliments along the way.

And I was actually pretty good, considering how many super cute things there were at the mall today. Like when I walked into Pottery Barn Kids and wanted to buy half the store, including lots of very cool wooden toys and Easter baskets and a pair of bunny ears that I might just have to go back for. And then there was GapBaby, where the boy clothes were OK but ohmygoodness the dresses! The little girl dresses! It is insane how adorable girl clothes are.

I also really want a shelf like this one (didn't see it in the store, but brought home a catalogue to drool over) for D's room, someplace to have a few books on display so he can actually see the cover. There's a couple bookshelves in the Michael Olaf catalogue, too, they're a bit bigger, so I'll have to send some time comparing and deciding which style makes more sense for the space.

And while I've got home decor on the brain, I'm looking out to our patio and thinking I want to set up a play area for D out there. We actually have a little sink and some cabinet space out there which would be perfect for housing some toys. I have a couple things that I think could be relegated to outdoor equipment, but I'll also want to get some buckets and balls, and a little table and chairs for him, too. I know I'll probably have to take my time setting it all up and getting all the stuff, but it's really fun and exciting to think about. =)


  1. I caved and got the PBK Easter basket, and an Easter outfit for Finn. I justified the cost of the basket by saying he would use it every year :)

    And yes, the dresses are too cute!

  2. He needs a shovel and a bare patch of dirt to dig for worms. :)

    FYI - Ryan loved the butterfly garden. That company has some great products

  3. Cy is building little S a step stool for her bathroom (which I will paint with her name) and also a picnic table for outside. I am setting up a little area that will have all her toys, so we can have both adults and kids outside. I can't wait for her to start using it.

    I am sure he would build you a table or the book rack you want....he wants projects.

  4. oooh, i love that book shelf from PBK! lookit jewels -- whoring out her hubby! ;)

  5. I love drooling over PBK! I want pete to build E some ledges on the wall so we can have E's books facing out. I have seen it done with rain gutters...but i don't think PVC is good to have in the house.

  6. Why is that that boys' clothes are always the same and blah.

    Baby boy clothes look virtually the same as 5 year old boy clothes as 10 year old boy clothes and so on through college. (When they start wearing suits, then it looks different.)

    Why are people so opposed to super-cute baby clothes for boys???



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