Friday, March 06, 2009


The car seat search continues, but I will spare you more ranting and raving about it. Actually, the whole thing's making more sense finally, and I think I'm actually getting somewhere. Yay.

D and I went to a new playgroup today. It's a big organized local group, where playgroups are divided up by area and age. You have to pay dues to be a member, but allow a 2 month trial period so that's what I'm doing right now. It went pretty well today, lots of cute kiddoes and the moms seemed nice. They have events almost every day of the week and often meet at parks that are within walking distance so I'm looking forward to trying ti out a few more times and then we'll see. There were several kids within a month or 2 of Donovan in age, and many of them were boys, which is nice b/c everyone he knows around here currently is girls. Nothing wrong with that, but it'd be nice to get a little diversity going. ; )

In the afternoon we took advantage of Gymboree's free play time. It was pretty busy, I guess to be expected for a friday afternoon. D had a good time, though at one point he got totally run over by an older kid. No one's fault, and D was ok after a few minutes of crying. He spent the rest of the time cluthing this one purple ball that he seems to adore. They have a lot of their toys for sale and I kinda want to buy him one of these balls as he likes them so much in class, but I have the feeling if I do so and bring it home, he'll have no interest in it anymore (I've heard more than one story of this happening already). So maybe we'll save the super cool purple ball for Gymboree time.

Zach's been riding to work with Cyrus the past couple days so I've had the Fit to myself. Pretty fun to drive. And D looks so cute in his new car seat. =P I got in touch with a local car-seat-checker-person (the official name escapes me right now) and she does at-home visits so I'm setting up a time to have her come by on Sunday to check our installation of the Scenera. I'll feel better getting an official opinion on the installation, and I'm very excited to find someone willing to come here to do it. I'm looking forward to soon deciding on a 2nd seat (and getting that one checked, too) so we can have one in each car.



    That phrase just struck me as fun.

    D getting run over by an older kid makes me sad, though. Maybe it's just because it's almost 11:00 pm on the Friday of TAKS week.

    Oh, and Freddy says he's going to come over and beat that kid, 'cuz nobody messes with his nephew!

  2. Ryan doesn't like her toys at home nearly as much as she likes them away from home or when someone else is over to play. Just ask to borrow one and see her reaction.



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